Gambling Related Suicide Story!

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  • Name: Amie
  • Age: 36
  • Country: Philippines
  • Occupation: OWF
  • Total Lost Amount (US Dollar): 35.000 $
  • Total Dept Amount (As of Now): N/A
  • Years Lost: Forever…


I wish I could share a happier story today, but unfortunately, I need to share my tragedy: how a kind-hearted, hardworking, intelligent, and respected person ended up taking his own life. He was my beloved husband. I still find myself in tears, unable to overcome the pain since 2017 when my husband committed suicide due to his gambling addiction. I’ve been invited by a close friend actively involved in helping people quit gambling. They suggested I contribute to this website where individuals share their own stories.

Hello, everyone. I am Amie from the Philippines, and we were leading a beautiful life until 2016. I am married and have a wonderful son and daughter. Our family was well-oriented, religious, and highly respected in our Barangay (village). My husband worked as a call center agent at BDO, primarily on night shifts, while I had a side job at a cafeteria as a coffee maker.

My husband was truly remarkable – smart, diligent, and dedicated. We had a beautiful family, and our relationship was the envy of many. It’s challenging to type this while recalling those unforgettable moments. However, in 2016, everything took a turn for the worse. It seemed like my fate. One day, my husband brought a stranger home, introducing him as a friend. I had reservations about this person from the beginning, perhaps a sign from above, and this is where our tragedy began.

That day, my husband asked if he could go to Manila to spend some time with his new friend. My heart was hesitant, but I always trusted my husband and wanted to see him happy. So, I agreed, but I implored him not to drink excessively. He assured me not to worry and off they went to Makati. Makati, the hub of fun and nightlife in the Philippines, was their destination. It was a weekend, and he had no work for the next two days.

On Monday morning, he returned home alone, but something was amiss. He appeared deeply troubled and was muttering angrily to himself. I asked, “What happened?” He refused to divulge anything and we had breakfast together. Later, he retired to bed, despite typically waking up early to spend time with me and share a meal. Just 30 minutes remained before his shift, yet he remained in bed. I woke him with difficulty, and he told me he wanted to take a day off, citing an intense headache and other issues.

I allowed him to rest, and he slept for nearly 36 hours. Worried, I woke him up, concerned about his well-being. There was something off with my husband, and I knew it. Nevertheless, two weeks passed, and our relationship grew increasingly strained. Finally, I decided to confront him seriously. Initially, he brushed it off, but when I threatened to leave with our children if he didn’t talk to me, he opened up. He confessed, “I’ve been going to Makati to gamble.

I’ve lost a substantial amount of money, emptied our bank savings (approximately 1 million pesos), and I feel worthless now.” As the realization hit me that our hard-earned savings from my five years of work in Japan were gone, tears flowed, and I cried for nearly a whole day. It was unimaginable, but it was our reality. It wasn’t just about the money; my husband’s character had also changed beyond recognition.

After a week, I made a decision to help him, as he was sinking into a deep depression. I still loved him, and I wanted our family to recover. I approached him with encouragement, and he began to feel a bit better when he found support in me. I told him, “I will take on a second job, and we’ll start saving again.” He refocused on life for about two months.

One day, he called me and said he had to go to Davao for a week to cover a staff shortage there. His company had assigned him to handle operations for a week. I agreed, and he left. A colleague from his company called and inquired about my husband’s whereabouts, saying, “Where is he? He’s been absent for three days; is he ill?” I was taken aback but didn’t want to reveal the truth. I responded, “Yes, he’s not feeling well.”

Immediately after that call, I tried contacting my husband, but his phone went unanswered. I was worried, both about his well-being and the possibility that he had returned to gambling. He came back the next day and told me he no longer wanted to live. He had taken loans from multiple banks and borrowed money at high interest rates from illegal lenders. He had also lost our two-month savings, which amounted to around 50,000 pesos (approximately 1,000 USD).

This time, I couldn’t contain my emotions. I slapped his face, used harsh words, and took my children, leaving the house. As we drove away, we were all in tears, and my children were terrified. They witnessed it all. I went to my family’s house and explained everything. They supported me and advised me to forget about him. Logically, I should have, but my heart still loved him.

After one day, I decided to return home to check on him. I had a terrible nightmare the previous night. Upon entering the house, I discovered his lifeless body hanging in the living room. I collapsed immediately, screaming in anguish. People and the police arrived. I was too weak to move and fainted. They rushed me to the hospital. The memories of that moment continue to haunt me. How could such a loving family end in such tragedy? I’m sorry, but I can’t continue writing any further.

My advice is never to ignore your loved ones, even when they make grave mistakes. Gambling took my husband away from us. I read the letter he left behind, and I cry almost every day. Our wonderful family crumbled because of one man who entered our lives and led my husband astray. He stole my husband, our children’s future, my future, and destroyed one family.

For those currently gambling, please understand that gambling did this to my family. My husband was exceptionally intelligent. See how gambling can harm even the brightest minds. Stop now. This is my real gambling experience. I wish no one has to experience the same pain. It’s truly excruciating. May God bless all of you and your loved ones.

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