I Can’t Stop Gambling!

About Author

  • Name: Sinan
  • Age: 29
  • Country: Turkey
  • Occupation: No Qualification (Any job)
  • Total Amount Lost (US Dollar): 20.000 $
  • Total Dept Amount (As of Now): 10.000 $
  • Years Lost: 10 Years

Hi dear friends and brothers who are involved in gambling addiction, just like me, and suffering badly. You may have stopped, but I cannot stop gambling, and I have decided to write my story here. Maybe some of the beginners may learn from my gambling story. As I mentioned earlier, I can’t stop gambling. Whatever I’ve tried, I’ve failed. I wish I could write down some suggestions or advice here to help people understand how I stopped, but unfortunately, I am still gambling!

Gambling was introduced to me by one of my friends at an early age. I was studying in high school, but unfortunately, my family’s economic situation was not good enough for me to continue school. I had to stop school and contribute to my family’s finances, and I did. I found a job at a bakery shop near my house as an assistant to the chefs. I got along with them in a very short time. One of the chefs was betting on sports, and he always asked me to go and place his bets with the dealer.

He was betting almost every day and was depositing all his daily earnings from the job. Most of the time, he would even ask for an advance on his salary. Anyway, one day I also wanted to bet on a big derby match in my country. But I had no idea how to do it. I asked the dealer, and he taught me everything from A to Z. I bet my entire weekly income on this derby and went back home to watch the match on TV. My bet won, and I was really excited. I had doubled my weekly wage. I was so happy that I couldn’t sleep the whole night. This was the starting point of my impending future disaster, which I was not really aware of at the time.

The next day, I went to the dealer to collect my winnings. I was acting so proud of myself because I had won the bet. I had doubled my weekly wage, and I bragged about it. Once I got my money, I suddenly felt the urge to make another bet with everything I had. I did it, and I bet all in. I won again, this time almost one full salary. And it happened effortlessly. When I went to work, I showed off to my chef and said stupid things like, “You guys don’t know how to gamble! I made two bets, and both of them won. I made a month’s salary out of my weekly wage! Give me your money, and see how I will double it!” I had an enormous amount of confidence. When my shift ended, I went back to the dealer to make another bet with all my money, but I lost this time. With this first loss, I lost myself as well. I was really shocked because I thought, “I will always win!” I even considered quitting my job and just following football matches.

However, I couldn’t accept the loss, and I had no money left to bet and recover it. I went to my boss and asked for an advance. He still didn’t know that I was gambling, and he gave me two weeks’ worth of wages in advance. I lost all that money in just one bet. I felt like the most foolish and stupid person in the world. Finally, after the second loss, I stopped for a while.

Then I joined the military service, which is mandatory in my country. After finishing my 18-month service, I returned home. My father had started a small business in my town, and I started working with him. There was a guy who was my close friend when I worked in the bakery shop. He also started betting and would bet next to me, always telling me what he had bet on. His actions triggered my gambling addiction again. I fell into this trap once more and became even more reckless than before. I would spend whatever money I had on sports betting, whether it was a small or large amount. The only idea in my mind was, “I will get my money back!” It’s the most foolish idea one can ever have because if you are gambling, losing is your destiny forever. You cannot beat the game.

I tried many ways. For example, I had $200 a week and borrowed another $200 to increase the betting amount. That was the only way I could recover my losses faster. To be honest with you, the more you lose, the higher the stakes become. Because you can’t be satisfied with waiting for $10 to turn into $20 when you have already lost more than $20,000.

I applied for loans, maxed out my credit card limits, used my father’s cards, and finally, I stole my mother’s gold and my father’s money that was in the cash box at home (I knew the password since I was the one depositing our shop sales in the cash box every day). Apart from my family, I allowed one of my friends to take a loan in his name on my behalf because all the banks had blocked me. He got the loan for me, and I made his life miserable as well. He is married, and their relationship almost ended in divorce because of my mistake. Anyway, it’s been almost 10 years now, and no matter what I try, I can’t seem to find a solution. I’ve talked to doctors and psychologists and even tried medication, but somehow, I always find myself back in the world of gambling.

Dear readers, I am not a clever or educated person to give you advice here, but I have shared my own gambling story to serve as a cautionary tale of how gambling can ruin someone’s life in a very insidious way. Gambling is a real addiction. It will not only take your money but also your life energy, your happiness, your characteristics, your personality, and much more that my English and words are not able to explain. But I feel this deep depression in my heart.

Please, please, please never dare to gamble. If you really want to destroy your life before it even begins, you can go ahead, but a normal human being should stay far away from gambling, even if you are in the early stages. Save your life. I’m giving you this advice, but unfortunately, I can’t stop gambling. I don’t know when it will end or where my future will lead, but please, don’t ruin your future with this disaster! Any advice is welcome and appreciated!

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