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It is genuinely nice of you to have decided to share your gambling story with us. We are dedicated to helping people suffering from gambling addiction worldwide and raising awareness about the increasing levels of gambling addiction day by day. There are a few steps that you need to understand before you share your story:

  • When sharing your story, we do not force you to mention your real name or country of origin. So, you can just use a nickname instead. We strongly encourage people to be honest with their stories, as we believe that anyone who decides to write here wouldn’t waste their time on a bunch of lies. Always be honest with your story; this is our signature rule!
  • Your story should include numerous messages, tips, or advice about how to give up or the strategies you have employed to quit (if you have given up). It should be a story that could encourage a person to stop gambling. Stories must be lengthy, with a minimum word count of 600 words. Please do not share any story below this count, as it will not be published. This is our second signature rule!
  • Providing personal details such as phone numbers, social media accounts, or promoting ads is strictly prohibited. Any content in your story containing such details will be deleted without notice. Additionally, arrogant and violative articles will not be tolerated.

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