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  • Name: Raj
  • Age: 32
  • Country: India
  • Occupation: Waiter
  • Total Lost Amount (US Dollar): 9.000 $
  • Total Dept Amount (As of Now): 3.000 $
  • Years Lost: 1 – 3 Years

Hello, my name is Raj from Mumbai, India. I want to share my gambling story too. Sorry of my poor English but ı will try my best to tell my story that everyone can understand. I am not actually from Mumbai but I was looking for a job in my home town of which I don’t want to share here. One day, I saw an advertisement that “hiring casino staff in Mumbai.” Working in Casino was sound interesting for me in the beginning. It was online website where I found this offer.

Till then, I have no idea about gambling or I have never been to any casino before. I just applied and they called me to schedule a Skype interview with them. We attended Skype interview and I was passed even though I don’t have any experience. To briefly introduce myself, I am a freshly graduate computer engineer that worked also many projects that Google conducted here. Time to time I had really good revenue from Google and savings from my small street food cart. But jobs for google was only temporarily and not all full-time work.

Anyway, I was selected after a couple of interviews within a week. They offered me a very good salary and accommodation along with food. I handed over my cart to my sister to take care and flew to Mumbai for my new journey. I wish that day wouldn’t happened ever! Finally, I was in Mumbai and went to this casino where I got hired. In first step, I got disappointed with accommodation that we were 8 people in one small tiny room that not even easy to breathe. I am not coming from a rich family but at least we live in better conditions.

Anyway, we had like 2 weeks training that I was actually hired as waiter. We are running behind the waiters in casino and trying to understand the way that they serve to guests. I still remember my first day how I was amazed with luxury and atmosphere in casino. Anyway, days passed and I got my own title as waiter and now I am on my own to serve. After a couple of months, I already got used to my job and actually doing good money too.

One day, an American tourist came and sat on roulette table. I was his waiter and he was so gentleman guy. He was so lucky that night too since he left casino with 30.000 USD (Almost 2.4 million Indian Rupee) all eyes was on his table and he was a little bit drunk. I was trying to save him since there are many unknown people around watching him too. He wanted to leave the casino and he gave me 100 dollars too. I assisted him with casinos VIP shuttle to took him to his hotel.

I was so impressed with his earnings and suddenly I started to watch people. Especially the ones who were vining. One day, another guy earned 1.1 million Rupees which is around 13.3 thousand US dollars which is very big money in my country. I was watching them and at the same time working in this industry. I felt something wrong with myself since people are making a lot of money in one night, so why not me too?

Here we go, this is where exactly my gambling story has started. But strange thing is I never went to a casino for gambling. All my gambling journey was online casino sites. They took my everything, all my investments, my lifetime savings, my small business and unfortunately, I am currently paying on instalments of my bank loan around 300K Rupees (3600 US Dollars) bank loan will be paid for another 4.5 years. There are a lot of things in this journey happened to me but really not necessary to explain here. I just want to share some of this experience and finally some advices.

I never guess that my life would end up with gambling. I trusted myself that I could control my feelings. because I was really controlling my feelings in Casino while I am working. For example, if someone vin 100 dollars, I was talking to my self that “this money is fair enough for me. If I am the one sitting there, I would have run away from here by now.” Guys, this trust is noting when you are under illusion.

You can talk to yourself in the shoes of someone else but when you have that feeling of earning, you are literally getting injected by dopamine. Anyway, in the beginning, what a coincidence, everyone vin. Not all but majority especially in online casino. I have read admin’s article about Artificial intelligence behind the slot games. It’s definitely true. They know you; they tag you and they play with your emotions very well.

You have no way to beat this system, you just fooling yourself by illusion. How stupid I am that I just realized only after I lost my everything. The “hope” in gambling would drive you in disaster. That’s what happened to me. I am so sorry to tell you guys but I am still gambling. Not of course same like my starting levels. Its mostly limited with my salary only. I don’t have anything left for myself. Every end of the month, I got 1 day only to enjoy in life. Imagine guys, I lost all my connections to my family, I lost all my relatives and friends.

Never mind all, the sad thing is I am not enjoying life anymore. I have lost my concentration, adaptation, motivation, joy of life… I am just alive when I am gambling. Once money runs out, I become zombie again. This is not life guys, since I am nowadays preparing myself for suicide. Believe or not I have tried 5 times but I am so scared so I was failed with all my attempts.

If you love yourself, your family, your life, never ever try gambling. Don’t say; “Nothing would happen if I lost 10 dollars!” you never know. You may end up same like me at the final. Believe me, gambling is disaster, gambling is more dangerous than any possible drugs. And one more advise! Better do stewarding with a decent wage but don’t work in casino! Believe or not sooner or later you would find yourself in this trap! Do not gamble! If you doing so, stop gambling now to save your tomorrow. Otherwise, one you wake up from the gambling utopia, it would be so late…

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